If the Kardashian family can make reality TV out of anything, you can bet that an intervention will be a big deal for the clan. Case in point: Rob Kardashian and his weight problem. His sisters Kim and Khloe decide to “help out” during the preview for this week’s episode. Despite Rob’s public efforts to shed the pounds, his sisters’ idea of an intervention is a bit more drastic and involves (wouldn’t you know it) public humiliation.

“We need to psyche him out,” Khloe says enthusiastically in the preview. “Maybe let Rob binge out a little.”

“If we put him in a room and just give him burgers, fries and pizza,” Kim jokes.

Khloe finishes Kim’s sentence, “We get him so sick that he’s like I could never eat fast food again.” “At this point,” Kim explains. “I’m willing to try anything.”

We’re pretty sure a qualified health provider wouldn’t be too psyched about the strategy, but then again, it is the Kardashian family – people, who arguably make a living out of strange and spectacular decisions made on camera. Rob has recently opened up to Ryan Seacrest about his 80lb weight gain and the accompanying body issues he’s been experiencing – especially with one specific body part: "Every time I hop in the shower and see myself naked I cry, because my penis looks so small now." That’s probably not too fun for Rob, but the burgers and pizza approach to the problem seems suspicious at best.

Rob Kardashian
Rob has notoriously been struggling to lose weight lately.

Kim Kardashian, LAX
Could his siblings' binging idea be the key?