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GWAR's Dave Brockie And Entertainment's Dangerous Relationship with Heroin

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GWAR frontman Dave Brockie died of a heroin overdose Other celebs who have passed away from the drug It was recently announced that frontman of theatrical horror-rock band GWAR has died of a heroin overdose, just another victim of a substance that each year lays waste to thousands upon thousands of tortured souls across the world. In the celebrity sphere, and music world especially, heroin is an all-too common cause of death that has taken the lives of many of the world’s iconic figures.

GWAR performs at revolution liveGWAR frontman Dave Brockie died of a heroin overdose earlier this year

It is also synonymous with certain movements and genres. It’s usage in the grunge era was ubiquitous much the same as it was amongst the likes of Led Zeppelin and the monsters of rock that flourished in yesteryear. To some, heroin is viewed with romanticism that has inspired countless songs, from The La’s “There She Goes” to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” As such, it’s often viewed as a glamorous addition to one’s lifestyle, especially those with a fondness for the ‘gonzo’ literary works of Hunter S. Thompson and William Burroughs. But first and foremost, despite its allusions as a pathway towards creative bliss, it is a killer that ensnares the victim in a routine of cop and fix that can so easily lead to degradation and eventual death.

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River Phoenix's Final Film 'Dark Blood' Gets U.S Distributor, But How Was It Completed Without Him?

River Phoenix

21 years after his death, River Phoenix’s final film Dark Blood is set to be released in the US having been picked up by distributor Lionsgate. It’s a film which many though would never see the light of day after, but director George Sluizer has worked hard to try and deliver as close to a complete film as possible, given the circumstances. Whilst its been 21 years since Phoenix's tragic death, public fascination with the actor and his short career has never waned, but can Dark Blood be a fitting end to his screen legacy?

River PhoenixRiver Phoenix died in 1993, he was just 23 years old

Set in the Utah desert, Dark Blood tells the story of a young Hollywood couple, Harry and Buffy whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere while they're enjoying a second honeymoon. They then encounter a young widower, Boy, played by Phoenix, who has retreated to the desert after his wife's death in order to wait for the end of the world. But things soon start to take a dark turn for the couple when Boy develops an unhealthy obsession with Buffy.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Led Cult-Like Lifestyle As Young Actress In L.A.

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Michelle Pfeiffer admitted to being in a cult when she was younger. The 55-year-old actress discussed her involvement with an unusual couple which led to her involvement into a cult called breatharianism. This involved abstaining from drinking or eating as they believe it food and drink are not necessary to live.

Michelle PfeifferMichelle Pfeiffer discussed her cult-like lifestyle in a magazine article promoting her latest film, The Family.

The Batman actress spoke to The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine (published on 3rd November) about her youthful involvement in the cult. Pfieffer described how, after leaving home at the age of 20, she became involved with a "very controlling" couple when she arrived in Los Angeles. She described the couple as "kind of personal trainers" who placed her on an extreme diet, breatharianism, which "nobody can adhere to."

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River Phoenix Has Been Dead For 20 Years

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Today, the 31st October 2013, marks twenty years to the day since River Phoenix died after taking Heroin and Valium in the West Hollywood nightclub, The Viper Room. Crowds gathered this morning outside the bar with tears in their eyes and sporting tributes to the actor who was 23 when he overdosed.

River Phoenix
River Phoenix In 1988's 'Little Nikita.'

The teen sensation, who had appeared in 1988's Running On Empty and Little Nikita, had been out celebrating his brother Joaquin's 19th birthday at Johnny Depp's club on that fateful night in 1993. Joaquin, who has since appeared in films such as Walk The Line and Gladiator, made the frantic call to 911 that has been immortalised in a recording.

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Berlin Film Festival’s Golden Bear Goes to Romanian Film, Child’s Pose

River Phoenix

The Romanian film, Child’s Pose – a tale of corruption, entitlement and class struggles directed by Calin Peter Netzer – has won the Golden Bear award at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival.

The film’s producer, Ada Solomon, took the opportunity to express her disdain for the lack of support for films in Romania. “Romanian politicians should pay much more attention to the kind of ambassador Romanian cinema is for our country around the world,” she said upon receiving the award. Pozitia Copilului, as the film is known in its native Romania, was subject to a host of international talent on the judging board, comprising Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai, actor Tim Robbins, Greek director Athina Rachel Tsangari and Iranian artist/director Shirin Neshat. An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker - directed by Danis Tanovic – won the silver bear. The film is a docudrama, re-creating institutional abuse and neglect of a Roma family in need, with the real members of the family playing themselves.

Headlines from the BIFF will, or course, focus on the posthumous release of River Phoenix’s last film before he died, Dark Blood. Dutch director George Sluizer salvaged the film from the archives before it was destroyed and, considering it was only 75% complete, with River’s death just 10 days before the end of shooting, Sluizer finished it off with voiceovers.

Picture - River Phoenix USA, Thursday 28th July 1988

River Phoenix Thursday 28th July 1988 as 'Jimmy Reardon' in the film 'A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon' USA