British R&B star Rita Ora is hoping to return to the stage in Australia on Sunday (10Mar13) after a throat infection forced her to cancel an appearance at a music festival last week (ends03Mar13).

The R.I.P. hitmaker had to axe her slot at the Future Music Festival in Perth last Sunday (03Mar13) after waking up with no voice, but now she's aiming to recover in time to resume her live commitments this weekend.

However, in an online video posted on Wednesday (06Mar13), Ora suggests she will have to skip one more show, on Saturday (09Mar13) in Sydney, before making her comeback in Melbourne for Sunday's gig on the Future Music Festival tour.

Ora says, "Hey guys, I just wanted to talk to you and tell you I'm really upset that I haven't been able to sing for the past few days; the doctor told me I had to be on complete vocal rest. I'm really looking forward to the weekend and I'm sorry I couldn't perform in Perth and I had to cancel the show, but we're gonna be back on our feet in Melbourne for the Future Music Festival and the rest of the dates.

"I'm really, really sorry but I can't wait to see you all very, very soon, so love you lots. I'm in my Pjs (pyjamas), I'm getting back in bed. Bye!"

She's not the only returning headliner - DJ Avicii is expected to hit the stage again on the festival tour this weekend after stomach problems forced him to withdraw from performing last weekend (02-03Mar13).