Rita Ora continued her UK tour as the British star carried on in her attempt to stand out from and away from the numerous Rihanna comparisons that she’s faced since beginning her career.

Ora was playing at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire last night, as she headed towards the final run of shows before jetting off down under where she’ll be playing the Future Music Festival among others in Australia.

UK newspaper The Independent were on hand to catch the show, and commented of Ora’s genre flipping, multi-costumed set that “Such brain-frying fare is already starting to sound old-hat, but the stage-school trained Ora can rely on more traditional showbiz values to succeed.”

Certainly, if the pictures we have from last week’s performance in Manchester are anything to go by, she’s been dazzling UK audiences with her visual aesthetic as much as her catchy pop nous over the last couple of weeks.

Rita Ora, Manchester, January 28,2013

Rita Ora hasn't been holding anything back in the costume department on he current tour

How about those Rihanna comparisons though? It seems that the star still isn’t rid of them, and she told The Scotsman last week that she was tiring of constantly having to deny the similarities. “To tell the truth I don’t take much notice of it now” she said at first, before admitting “I mean, it’s a compliment, Rihanna is very hot. It’s better than being compared to someone s***. But gradually you do get to the point where… well, my album is out, the tour is out, and it’s all me. Ree-ah. We really need to move on.”

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