Rita Ora likes to make her partners uncomfortable in bed.

The 'I Will Never Let You Down' hitmaker has revealed the steamy details of her bedroom antics, admitting she is always keen to try out something new with her partner, rocker Ricky Hil, 24.

When asked if she has ever pushed someone past their comfort zone during sex, she said: ''Yes, many times, I still do.''

Elaborating on the point, the 24-year-old singer explained she always relies on her instincts while getting raunchy with her boyfriend, insisting everyone has a dirty mind.

She continued: ''If you get someone a little bit uncomfortable it's never a bad thing. You have to trust your instincts, be at one with your body. Sex is a language everyone can speak and the mind is a dirty place, thank God. Why wouldn't you use it to your advantage?''

And while she has been dating the son of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger for several months, the 'The Voice UK' coach revealed she isn't opposed to some girl-on-girl action.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''Madonna has been doing it for years and there is nothing wrong with it - you won't go to jail unless you are doing a show in Uganda.''