Rita Ora's new album is inspired by Prince.

The 'Radioactive' singer says she has ''gone back to basics'' while working on her second album and counts the 'Purple Rain' hitmaker and singer Chaka Khan as her main muses.

In a US radio interview, Rita said: ''I've grown and I've listened to music that people have released recently. [I've] gone back to the basics of my love for Prince and Chaka Khan. It's just me finding that balance.

''I think it's time, I really do. Nowadays, I don't think people have any patience to think, 'What is she releasing?' You just have to be bold and be yourself.''

The 22-year-old beauty's second studio album will be her first international release, and she is hoping to achieve the same success in the US as her 2012 debut album 'ORA' which topped the UK charts last year.

She added: ''For me, this is more than a second album, it's like my first album for [America] and the rest of the world because it's everyone's dream to be in the States. I really wanted to make a lot of effort on this record.''

Rita has reportedly been in secret talks with TV mogul Simon Cowell to appear as a judge on 'The X Factor' in the US in a bid to help her crack America.