British singer Rita Ora was rushed to hospital after she collapsed at a photo shoot in Miami, Florida on Monday (Nov 18th) afternoon.

The 'Hot Right Now' singer was in town to work with fellow pop-singer, Madonna.

The shoot was for the 55 year-olds newest campaign, her 'Material Girl' clothing range.

Ora was looking forward to working for Madonna as she tweeted her excitement only hours before her collapse, Rita posted, "@madonna @materialgirl #materialgirlmiami. Let's have this Miami..... let the fun begin...."

Midway through the shoot the 22 year-old complained about feeling unwell and retreated back to her trailer.

According to TMZ, emergency services uploaded her onto a stretcher before rushing the 'RIP' singer to hospital.

Ora's doctor, David Farcy, told the gossip site the intense heat was too much for her and she was treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration. Since the incident, Ora has been discharged and Doctor Farcy also states that she is fine.

Rita, who is currently in a relationship with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, was spotted wearing a hat during the shoot in an attempt to shield from the intense sunlight, but it didn't do enough.

The 'How We Do' singer was recently reminded of how far she had come in her career, the Brit-Award nominee returned to work at her father's bar to remember how ''difficult'' her life used to be and appreciate just how far she has come.

A photo shoot in Miami is a far cry away from her bartending days.

Rita Ora
Rita Ora has been released from hospital and is doing fine