Are Chris Brown and Rihanna back together? Will they be? Why? How? When? The speculation must be driving them both crazy, but it appears the dating situation of these two young pop stars this is the prime concern of humanity at the moment. 

Since the scandal of Chris Brown beating Rihanna right before the Grammys in 2009, the couple's names haven't been far apart on the internet, in newspapers or in tabloids. However, for the most part, in real life they'd kept their distance, until this year. With increasing frequency, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been seen hanging out, he broke up with his girlfriend amid rumours that he and Rihanna had got back together, and then Rihanna even flew to Berlin to see him perform and spent Thanksgiving with him. That's more than 'just friends', that's love. Dysfunctional and troubling love. At least we think so anyway. 

Rihanna has been giving more and more signs that the pair are back together, particularly by posting some enigmatic topless photos of herself and a man believed to be Chris Brown on Twitter, both of which also lead to an absolute barrage of questions. Brown has faced a lot of criticism, some musicians have refused to perform alongside him and there have even been protests in response to some of his performances, most recently in Guyana. 

Despite denying that their relationship has gone beyond mere friendship, Rihanna's fans are, of course intrigued in general by her life, but more so concerned for her well being given the treatment she received from Brown in 2009. The amount they're spoken about as a couple means that they might as well be. It'd give them far less hassle and it may even give them a better chance for Brown to be find retribution, vindication and forgiveness.