R+B singer/songwriter THE DREAM has hinted Rihanna's chart smash UMBRELLA has a dirtier meaning behind it, because he penned the song using the word simply as a "metaphor". The Def Jam artist - real name Terius Youngdell Nash - has written songs for stars like B2K and Mya, but points to Umbrella's more adult-orientated theme - which he penned in just 12 minutes. He says, "That's right, (Umbrella took) 12 of them nice lil' minutes. I've gotten to the point where songwriting is like freestyling - you enter the booth and let it come out. I'll use certain things for metaphors, like 'Umbrella'... "Once I get the thing I'm attaching the song with, then I'm running all the other tricks through the song to create that element."