Rihanna might love her fans, but things get out of control even with the best crowds sometimes, as the singer found out at her latest show in Manchester, where she was pelted with chips of all things. We couldn’t make this up. After a performance of her 2009 song Rude Boy, some concert attendees decided to get a bit too rude. Just as Rihanna was giving the audience a nod of appreciation, too!

Rihanna, London
It's lucky Rihanna wasn't sporting her new do during the mayhem.

"I like that," she told her screaming fans. "I like that a lot. Actually, I love that s--t. I know y'all were gonna be crazy, but f--k! This is next level." But while some people were applauding, someone decided to launch the sneaky chip attack. Of course, RiRi quickly changed her tone.

"All right, there's a good crazy, and a bad crazy," Rihanna said, understandably sounding peeved. "When you throw s--t up here, that's an epic fail."

"I wanna get your gifts, but I don't want you to knock my people out before we do this s--t," she continued. "I swear to God! Cut that s-t out."

Rihanna, Manchester
Sure, RiRi might not be the most punctual.

According to The Mirror, the reaction was triggered by Rihanna’s tardiness for the gig – yet again. The singer isn’t exactly hailed for her punctuality, but still, chips? Sounds just a step too far. Of course, after the incident was over, RiRi did what any real pro would – she moved on without missing a beat (well, almost) and launched into the next track, while the troublemakers were all but forgotten.

Rihanna, London
But that's hardly a reason to start a food fight.