Rihanna demands pizza, fries and doughnuts in her dressing room.

The slender 'Umbrella' singer is set to perform in London next week and amazed organisers with her requests for her favourite calorific treats, which totalled more than 7,000 calories, and also included crisps, microwave lasagnes, friend noodles, chicken drumsticks - and an apple.

A show source said: "When it comes to the big US stars, we're used to getting ridiculously healthy requests. Rihanna was a breath of fresh air. There was none of this carb and gluten-free nonsense."

The 21-year-old-star - who will launch her new album 'Rated R' at the concert next Monday (16.11.09), which will be streamed around the world - refuses to watch her diet because she believes performing helps her stop piling on the pounds.

She said: "Being on tour gets you in shape which is good considering how I eat pretty much whatever I can get my hands on.

"You perform for an hour and a half so you can work some of it off at least. But not all of it!"

The Barbados-born singer also recently splashed out more than $50,000 to fly her family to New York to celebrate winning a Woman of the Year award from Glamour magazine on Monday night (09.11.09).