Rihanna wants to buy a UK soccer club.

The 26-year-old singer is ''really serious'' about setting up a sports academy in her native Barbados and then becoming a chairwoman or owner for a team in England and has even been getting some advice from her friend, Chelsea player Didier Drogba.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ''At first we thought Rihanna's desire to be involved with soccer on a business level would soon blow over.

''We figured she was still on a high from the World Cup. But now it's becoming clear she really is serious.

''She's talking about setting up a football academy in her native Barbados. Then her big dream is to be involved with a UK club.''

The brunette beauty has previously confessed to being a Liverpool fan, but it is thought the 'S&M' hitmaker is considering taking over a club in Los Angeles.

The source explained: ''Britain is like a second home to her, although she's also hinted she may do something with an LA team.''

Rihanna isn't the only big name star who has been interested in taking over a UK team as rapper Snoop Dogg previously admitted he was thinking about investing in Scottish champions Glasgow Celtic.

P. Diddy was also said to be in talks to buy Crystal Palace in 2010 because he likes their name.

Hollywood legend Tom Hanks is also a big fan of English heavyweights Aston Villa, while Sylvester Stallone has been to watch Everton on several occasions.