Don’t let it be said that Rihanna doesn’t do enough charity. The singer is taking part in the LAPD’s auction to benefit cadets and the families of fallen officers and we all know Rihanna doesn’t do things half way. Not only did she drop a hefty donation into the LAPD’s fund, she also got involved in a more creative way – via selfie.

Rihanna at Staples Center

Rihanna attended a Clippers-Thunder NBA game and in the process, she met L.A. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff and even managed to take a selfie with him – after a bit of fumbling that is. Apparently RiRi isn’t the quite as graceful off-stage as she is during her performances and dropped Soboroff’s iPhone mid-selfie, cracking the screen. There is a silver lining, though – the embarrassed singer signed the iPhone with "sorry, I <3 LAPD".

Soboroff then posted a picture of the result on Twitter. The phone was then auctioned off on eBay. At publication time, the highest bid is $58,100 and still likely to go up. The lucky (and moneyed) fan, who wins the auction won’t just be paying for a RiRi autograph, though. According to the auction description, the phone still works.

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For donors who might consider the auction price too steep, Soboroff suggested donating a mere $5 to receive a blue LAPD wristband (as seen in the selfie) instead.

Rihanna, Staples Center
Soboroff seemed to be enjoying himself, despite the cracked iPhone.