Rihanna's comeback has made swift work of internet viral sensation Psy's Gangnam Style in the UK. Following a huge video success that saw the K-pop artist's song about the middle class Gangnam region of South Korea, Psy looked set to dominate the charts for weeks to come. He didn't count on the return of Rihanna though, and at the close of play on Sunday night it was the pop princess who topped the UK singles charts with her new single Diamonds.

The Press Association reports that the mid-week charts last Wednesday (October 3rd) did hint that it would be a close run thing between the American star and the overnight Korean success story. The video on Youtube for Gangnam Style has now topped 400 million views, and its led to worldwide success. However Rihanna's fan base is incredibly strong and so perhaps it wasn't much of a surprise that she would wrestle the top spot off the rapper. Next week she'll receive a considerable threat herself, though, with Adele's James Bond theme for Skyfall set to enter the charts.

Over on the album charts, meanwhile, Mumford and Sons found that Muse had taken their top charting album placing, with The 2nd Law beating out Babel. The Mumfords do have the consolation that it's the fastest selling of the year across in the USA.