After beginning her 777 tour in Mexico City on Wednesday night (14th Nov. 2012) Rihanna landed in Toronto yesterday morning, ploughing on, ready for the second night of seven.

The tour, aptly named 777, has seven shows, in seven cities, in seven countries over seven days in the lead up to the launch of her (you guessed it) seventh album. Last night it reached Toronto for Rihanna to play a relatively tiny gig, with an audience of just 1400 at the Sheraton Theatre, in the Canadian city. The entire affair is lavish and a real treat for her hardcore fans. One such fan turned up to the 18s and over gig, despite being younger than that. The NME reported that Rihanna rewarded the youngster for her efforts by giving her an exclusive Rihanna phone, meant for the fan who was 'most worthy' and gave it to her saying "Because you're a f*cking rockstar." 

The star played a 20-song set, which is incredible given that she'll be aiming to do the same every day until Tuesday, when the tour ends in New York. She'll be arriving in London on Monday, having been to Stockholm (tonight) and then Paris and Berlin. While in London she'll also be turning on the Christmas lights at the Westfield Centre. The girl can't catch a break. Monday is also the date that the album Unapolagetic goes on sale. With a lead up like this and surrounded by so much hype, we'll be very surprised if it doesn't break some serious records. Stockholm, Rihanna, enjoy tonight and we'll see you on Monday!