Rihanna finally unveiled her River Island fashion collection in London yesterday. Amidst whoops and screams, the Rude Boy singer waved to the audience at the end of the show and was positively beaming at the response to her sartorial creations. Speaking to the press after the evening’s catwalk show, Rhi Rhi said “This is a dream, and to see it on the racks, this is the freakiest part, from where we started, from jotting these down on napkins and pieces of paper in a hotel room in the middle of the night,” The Telegraph reports.

Rihanna might be known for her outlandish outfits, but her collection was relatively restrained, in comparison to the singer’s own wardrobe. “Everything is simple, everything is classic. I wanted to make things that you can wear ten years from now and not know what era. Not have an era attached to it or a brand or whatever.” 


Rihanna launched her River Island collection in London

She admits having been a little selfish when it came to designing the pieces and kept herself and her BFFs in mind when choosing what she wanted hung on the racks at the UK high street store. “I designed everything that I would want to wear,” she explained “and for the women that I'm with. Because I'm with a large group of women who have different sizes, different tastes, different body types, and I wanted to design something that everybody could wear because I wanted all my friends to have something too. But I'd still wear everything."