Rihanna has had a restraining order taken out against a deranged fan who broke into her neighbor’s house last week, mistakenly thinking it was hers. TMZ has learned that the story that broke last week, about an intruder breaking into her home was not actually correct. Steveland Barrow, the obsessive fan in question had in fact broken into Rihanna’s neighbor’s house by mistake.

According to TMZ, Barrow even slept in her neighbor’s bed – allegedly – thinking it was Rhi-Rhi’s pad that he snuck into. It is also reported that he stole from the property, too. Barrow was confronted by the neighbors and was arrested last Thursday (February 21, 2013). In the legal documents relating to the restraining order, Rihanna claims that she fears for her safety and frankly, we can’t blame her, given the lengths that the guy went to in order to get up close and personal with what he thought was her property. The judge has issued a temporary restraining order, which prevent Steveland Barrow from going within 100 yards of her. The report comes with the rather creepy news, however, that Barrow is currently roaming free, is out of custody and “nowhere to be found.”

Rihanna is no stranger to the process of obtaining a restraining order. Back in 2009, when her then boyfriend (and, now her boyfriend again) Chris Brown assaulted her, he also found himself on the receiving end of a restraining order, ensuring that he kept a safe distance from the ‘Rude Boy’ singer. 


Rihanna had a restraining order taken out against intruder Steveland Barrow