Singer Rihanna and her pal Melissa Forde hit the beach in the Polish city of Sopot in the midst of Rihanna's explosive 'Diamonds' world tour. They wanted to relax, drink cocktails and soak up some European sunshine but ended up getting fed up of the attention they were attracting and retreated to their hotel.

Rihanna Had A "Fail" Day At The Beach.

The pair were dressed to impress with Rihanna hitting the sand wearing a tiny white bikini, some gold jewellery, a mesh skirt, shades and a visor whilst Melissa opted for denim hot pants and a sky blue bikini top. Both fashionistas wore the same gold torso jewellery, demonstrating their close friendship and shared cocktails before word spread around the beach that the world famous 'S & M' singer had hit the Polish shores. Despite flanked by an imposing bodyguard, the pair were quickly surrounded by clamouring Polish fans.

Photo by mforde11 * Instagram by @mforde11

As reported by The Daily Mail, the pair tried to chill out on the beach but, perturbed by the public and press attention they were garnering, sat in a makeshift shelter made out of umbrellas to have a little privacy. In a video posted on Melissa Forde's Instagram account, the barricade of umbrellas is focussed on until the camera pans to a grumpy Rihanna who exclaims: "Caged in like a f**king animal." Clearly, after the irony had struck them that they had intended to get a bit of vitamin D, the friends abandoned hope and headed back to their room where 'RiRi' posted an Instagram of herself sitting longingly by the sun-bathed window in her bikini, looking rather glum with the caption, "Tried to have a beach day, that was a fail!!"

Rihanna Melissa Forde
Pals Rihanna & Melissa Forde's Day At The Beach Didn't Go As Planned.

The next stop on Rihanna's monster world tour will be Vienna in Austria where Rihanna and her glamorous entourage, despite having no beach, are sure to attract attention to themselves anyway.