Amateur video footage showing Rihanna hitting an unknown fan in the face at her latest concert has gone viral. The video, taken on a mobile phone, appears to show the singer dealing with an over enthusiastic fan by using her microphone as a weapon. 

Rihanna has been travelling around the UK on her Diamond's World Tour and will remain in the country until 18th July before continuing her tour in Europe. 

The singer had jumped down from the stage and escorted by her security was singing close to the fans, allowing them to touch her hand. However, as she passed, one fan appears to have held on to the singer for a moment too long. She was walking away from the fan when, feeling herself held back, she turned and hit him in the face with her microphone.

Her security seems to have been intervening but even so Rihanna took matters into her own hands by hitting the unnamed fan. Following the incident, her security quickly hustled her away, ensuring the remainder of her performance remained on stage. 

This is not the first time fans have been over zealous in their adoration of the 25-year-old pop star, with Los Angeles police arresting a man who had been attempting to gain entry to Rihanna's home through the roof. The man claims he was entirely unaware it was Rihanna's house he was roof-crashing yet why he was even there in the first place remains a mystery, according to

The fan's name or any possible injuries resulting from the microphone incident remain unknown. 

RihannaRihanna performing on stage at Twickenham Stadium on her Diamond's World Tour

RihannaRihanna combatting typical British weather as she arrives at London's Cuckoo Club