Rihanna fears she'll have to give up her favourite Christmas treat this year (09) because she might have to host the festive season in a New York hotel.
The singer fears her dreams of a Christmas at home in Barbados have been dashed thanks to a show in the Middle East, which falls in the middle of the festive season - and now she's facing spending the holidays in a hotel.
She says, "It was going to be either Barbados or New York - Barbados only because it's warmer, but it looks like my mom and my brothers are gonna come to New York with me and we can hang out.
"My grandma isn't very well, so I wanted to spend Christmas with her. She's better now, but she had surgery... but I have to go to Abu Dhabi; it's in the middle of everything, so I'm trying to choose whether I spend two days in Barbados or four days in New York."
And if she opts for the latter, she'll have to give up her mum's traditional pepperpot.
She adds, "My mom does great food at Christmas time. The pepperpot is like a stew with cow's knuckles. It's very spicy. But if she comes to New York, then we might not have the time or place to cook because we might stay in a hotel room."