Rihanna is facing a fresh legal battle over her S&M music video after artist Philipp Paulus asked a court to grant an injunction banning the promo from broadcast.

Paulus previously sued the pop star and her record label Universal Music in 2011, alleging the promo ripped off ideas from his fashion photography series titled Paperworld.

His lawyer, Philip Jakober, claims a satisfactory settlement in the case was not reached, so they are now reviving the case by filing a request for an injunction and a claim for damages.

If Paulus wins, Universal Music could face a ban on broadcasting the music video.

Jakober says, "The ludicrous thing about this situation is that Universal Music has for some time been bringing about a wave of lawsuits against end users for copyright infringements, yet as far as our case is concerned the usage from the photo series Paperworld by Philipp Paulus in the music video S&M is a serious and worldwide infringement of copyright, which is the responsibility of Universal Music."

The case will take place in Stuttgart, Germany, according to Dailymail.co.uk.