After a two-hour delay of her Birmingham show on Monday, Rihanna is on thin ice with her upcoming gig in Dublin. The singer is going to perform for a crowd of 65,000 tonight as part of her 'Diamonds World Tour.' As you might imagine, that’s not a good moment to be late. If not out of common courtesy to her fans, RiRi at least needs to follow the rules of the arena, which are apparently pretty strict.

A gig source said for The Sun: “Rihanna is due onstage at 8pm sharp in Dublin, which is an early start time. There’s a strict curfew of 10.30pm at the Aviva and she knows she will have to be there on time to give Irish fans the show they want.” So maybe the star has had a couple of blunders so far (not only was she late to the Birmingham show, but she also at one point appeared to have accidentally hit a fan with her mic,) but she’s planning no such excesses this time round.

Check out pictures of the singer in acton.

Rihanna is even reportedly cutting down on her partying – and that’s how you know it’s serious. The source added: “Clubs all around Dublin are trying to get her in but it looks like they could be out of luck as she plays two gigs in Amsterdam this weekend too. Scheduling is really tight and she won’t be having much time to let her hair down here before she has to get in her jet and head off again.”

It looks like Dublin fans can expect an impressive show tonight when Rihanna shows up.

Rihanna, London
Rihanna is ready to rock this time.

Rihanna, Bjouis Nightclub
Her tour will continue through Dublin and Amsterdam.