At Sunderland's Stadium of Light this Thursday (June 20), Rihanna completed the UK leg of her 'Diamonds World Tour' before moving on to Ireland and then the rest of the continent. Her time in the UK was sullied by her party life style, leading to some late appearances at her concerts in London and Birmingham that caused unrest among fans. At her final UK show of this tour it was the fans, and not the singer, who were causing the unrest and ruining the night, as numerous reports came in over night saying how much of a nightmare some fans made the concert.

The Bajan beauty shared the bill with super-star producer David Guetta and with the stadium at a maximum capacity of 57,500 people, there was always going to be some rowdiness. Although many fans who were there on the night have complained that things got a little more than rowdy, with parts of the crowd actually fighting with others - which has been largely attributed to the amount of drink sold at the concert.

Speaking with the Sunderland Echo, two particularly unhappy concert-goers - Kim Noble, 29, and her husband Graeme, 33 - described how their night was ruined by loutish behaviour and having spent £130 on tickets, she was outraged at the apparent lack of organisation and security force as the violent began. Kim told the paper, “I’ve been to a lot of football matches at the Stadium, including derbies, and I’ve never felt as threatened as I did at that concert. I just kept waiting for the security to come and break it all up. Eventually, one young lad came over, but he was just by himself and didn’t even have a walkie-talkie.”

SAFC head of safety and security, Paul Weir, said upon receiving complaints from unhappy concern-goers: “Naturally, with any event of this magnitude there can be the potential for isolated minor incidents to occur. Safety and security is always our primary focus and any incidents on the evening were dealt with swiftly and comprehensively by the police and safety stewards. Overall, the event went very well.”

Rihanna's show in Dublin, Ireland on Friday (June 20) went by much more successfully, having already promised fans that she will be on time and will provide a killer set for her Irish fans. Next on her tour, the singer is heading to Amsterdam for two shows before heading to Cologne and then Zurich. Full tour details are available on her website.

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