Rihanna reportedly insists on having a bed on set so she can catch up with her sleep during video shoots.

The 24-year-old 'We Found Love' star - who is famed for her love of partying - apparently demands that a king size bed be installed in the corner of the set so she can take a nap when she needs one.

A source from this week's Los Angeles shoot for new track 'Where Have You Been' said: ''True to form, she's been hitting the party circuit hard and has been pretty knackered during the day.

''She doesn't cancel any work commitments so she has stipulated that a king size bed be on shoots so she can snooze between takes.''

Despite posing seductively with a banana in her video for 'S&M', it appears Rihanna actually can't stand the fruit.

The insider told The Sun newspaper: ''Her other request is that there's strictly no bananas around because she hates them.''

Meanwhile, music legend Annie Lennox believes the 'Battleship' star - who was assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009 - could be a ''tremendous spokesperson'' against domestic violence if she chose to be.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''Here is a young woman who has been through domestic violence and she could become a tremendous spokesperson for that issue but the choice is hers. It's not up to anybody else to do that.

''Of course if she did choose to do that it would be so f***ing powerful but it's her personal right to choose it or not. We all have our own issues and we have to deal with them in our own way.''