Rihanna did not record songs with Chris Brown to 'shock' the public, according to a close friend. More! Magazine reports that Rihanna may have stirred controversy when deciding to team up with her ex-boyfriend, but it wasn't intentional.

Recent reports have suggested that she may have rekindled her romance with Brown through her tweets and having spent Valentine's Day together. The pair even appeared on remixes of each other's tracks last month. However according to a source, Rihanna did the duets to send out a message: 'She'll have recorded with Chris not to shock but to remind the world that he's paid his dues and moved on, and that he's a very talented singer. I think she feels strongly that one bad moment in his life should not define who he is forever'. The source did further elaborate that a romance was probably not the case though: 'Rihanna has talked it over with JAY-Z and other friends and everyone's telling her it would be a great idea to move to London. On one hand, I'm sure she wants Chris back, but on the other, she must realise she's a role model to young girls and simply can't take back a boyfriend who beat her. The best way to avoid temptation is to remove yourself from it altogether.'

The couple split up three years ago after Brown physically attacked Rihanna and Brown had to face charges. Rihanna recently won 'International Female' for the second year running at this year's Brit Awards.