The world should be over this already. The media should be too. And yet, here we are, putting the names Rihanna and Chris Brown in the same sentence again. It was New York Magazine that first leaked the news that Brown reportedly used the occasion of RiRi’s birthday to get back in touch via text message. It’s completely legal, if ill-advised, since Brown’s restraining order expired in the distant 2011, but does this really qualify as news?

Rihanna, Lanvin Fashion Show
Brace yourselves, folks, this one might sound familiar.

According to Page Six it does, so here’s how it all went down: “Chris started texting Rihanna on her birthday [Feb. 20], and the two have been sending each other a flurry of texts ever since,” said a source close to the singers. “Rihanna didn’t write back right away . . . but later that night she started getting sentimental and texted back, ‘thank you,’ and asked how he was.”

Chris Brown
Old habits die hard and so do old flames, apparently.

According to the ever-trustworthy anonymous source, the two have been texting back and forth since. However, there is a plot twist: Amid reports of the pair rekindling their relationship (again), sources also claim that Rihanna has been spotted out and about with Drake (again). Well, sort of. She was spotted at Drake’s Paris gig on Monday and the two recently took a ski trip together, NY Mag reports. Then again, Drake recently told Rolling Stone in no uncertain terms that the two are not currently an item. So, in conclusion… what even? Also, does anyone feel a not-so-strange sense of deja vu?

Drake, on the other hand, doesn't want anything to do with the story.