To mark Rihanna's landmark seventh studio album, she's setting off on a tour named 777, flying around the world to do said tour on a Boeing 777 and doing 7 shows, in 7 countries in 7 days. 777. 

The new album, titled 'Unapolagetic' will be released on November 16th, but Rihanna will set off on tour on the 14th- magnifying the international hype surrounding her with the combined dates. The 'Rude Boy' singer wont be travelling though, according MTV, who report that she'll be joined by 150 journalists and the international press, as well as some lucky members of her 'Rihanna Navy' fan group. To further celebrate the album, she is also released a $250 'executive platinum' version, which Mercury say will include "collectible colored vinyls, a handwritten note from the singer, a 2GB flash drive, a T-shirt, lithographs, an illustration, stickers and a custom View Master with photos of Rihanna's style throughout the years." 

The first single from the album 'Diamonds' also lends its name to the main world tour that will begin next year- which will include many more numbers than just '7'. The American dates and venues have all been released for that tour, although we're still all left in the dark for her brief 777 tour which begins in just 2 weeks.