Rihanna has been accused of plagiarising a little known rapper named Just Brittany with her latest single ‘Bitch Betta Have My Money’. The accusations started when some fans of the Texan rapper pointed out similarities between Rihanna’s latest single and Just Brittany's similarly titled, ‘Betta Have My Money’.

RihannaHas Rihanna plagerised rapper Just Brittany?

Just Brittany released her track on SoundCloud nine months ago, but it has gained more attention since being compared to Rihanna’s new song. While the titles of the tracks are almost identical, the similarities are thought by some observers to go a little deeper.

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Dissecting both songs, Fader wrote that ‘similarities between the two tracks are definitely there’. ‘For one, the hook is almost identical save for the melody’, the magazine commented. But neither Rihanna or Just Brittany have themselves commented on any similarities between the two songs.

Of course the phrase ‘Bitch Betta Have My Money’ is frequently used in hip hop, first appearing in Keenen Ivory Wayans’s 1988 comedy I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. Since then a variety of artists have used the phrase such as Ol’ Dirty Bastard’ in 1999’s ‘Got Your Money’, Tyga in 2012 with ‘Bitch Betta Have My Money’ and most recently you can hear Drake rapping the line in 2013’s ‘Worst Behaviour’.

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Rihanna released the song via iTunes on March 26th, as the second single from her upcoming eighth studio album. On March 29th she performed the track during the iHeartRadio Music Awards, with her performance receiving highly positive reviews from critics. The single debuted on the Billboard charts last week at number 23.