Rihanna’s 777 tour is attracting the headlines all right, but not everyone’s getting interested in it for the right reasons. With fans on her much-publicized 777 flight rarely seeing the pop princess since they took off almost a week ago, and journalists too getting the hump, there wasn’t really much excuse for her to leave yet more fans waiting when she touched down on the ground.

Yet at the Christmas lights turning on at the Westfield shopping center in Stratford, East London, Rihanna was once again tardy with her time, and this time it was a whole 20,000 fans she kept waiting. Worse still, when she did turn up she sang just one song for the assembled punters, and pocketed a cool $800,000 in return for it, according to The Sun.

Student Dannielle Harriette, 21, said: “It’s ridiculous. I was surprised she only did one song given the fee she was paid. She didn’t even finish it.” She was far from the only one grumbling, and things repeated themselves later that evening when RiRi turned up late for her intimate show at The Forum in the same city. Thankfully she put on a slightly better showing for the audience gathered there, as our pictures attest. It was the sixth of seven dates Rihanna’s playing on her 777 tour, she sounds like she barely wanted it to start in the first place.

Check out Rihanna's busy day in London.