Rihanna steered clear of poking fun at her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown on satirical show Saturday Night Live at the weekend (05Dec09), but did raise a chuckle with a classroom tune.
The sexy singer was the musical guest on the weekly show and performed two new tracks from her Rated R album - but she also showed off her comedy skills when she appeared in a digital short with comedian Andy Samberg, who won a Grammy Award with Justin Timberlake for his D**k in a Box tune.
Samberg played a nervous schoolteacher, called Shy Ronnie, and quietly mumbled through a rap duet with Rihanna, who was prompted to add "Speak up" to the rhyme as she encouraged the character to be more assertive and confident.
Terrified Ronnie then wet himself, prompting a stunned Rihanna to rap, "Oh no, he p**sed himself."
Rihanna also scored fashion points with her medieval style - she wore a red chainmail breastplate and hood for one of her two performances. Among her band was Extreme rocker Nuno Bettencourt.
Many fans expected her to poke fun at Brown, who was charged with assault and sentenced to hard labour after attacking Rihanna during a fight in February (09).