Rihanna's impressive work rate (7 studio albums at the age of just 24) seems to be matched only by her ability to be both unpredictable and a little erratic. New York Daily News have reported today (27th Nov. 2012) that Rihanna's staff are really unhappy working for her.

"She's always been unpredictable, but it's worse than ever," said one source for the paper, further implying that at least a couple of the star's staff are looking to find work elsewhere. Apparently, her behaviour has got worse since the reconciliation with Chris Brown, which is unsurprising given the amount of flack the 24 year old has got for it. 

"She'll commit to something, and show up two hours late," a source said, while another one added that "She puts her family and [Brown] above everything else... it really can affect relationships and commitments, and make her and everyone else look bad. People are fed up." Wow, God forbid someone to put the people they care about before their job. Criticism for Rihanna never really dies down, and is always in tandem with the vast praise she also receives. However, the the current complaints seem a little ridiculous, such as the one above. The members of the media that accompanied her on her recent epic 777 tour also complained that she didn't give them the scoops they were after. Bummer.

Well, while her relationship with Chris Brown seems to be healthy (at the moment) and her career is also continuing to sky-rocket we at ContactMusic have no gripe with Rihanna. She's doing a good job, and being so young we can forgive her for a little eccentricity- in many ways, it's part of the job.