Rihanna and Chris Brown latest news update: they've been back in the studio together. Just three years after he was charged with viciously assaulting her on the eve of the Grammy Awards, Brown has managed to nab himself a credit on her new album Unapologetic - almost certain to be a chart hit.

'Nobodies Business' - a track featuring Brown - was announced as a part of the official track-listing that Rihanna tweeted to her followers on Tuesday (November 6, 2012). Remember, the 'Turn Up The Music' singer is only halfway through his five-year probation after pleading guilty to the assault and is still completing community service and a domestic violence program. Needless to say, news of the collaboration hasn't gone down too well with Rihanna's fans, "I don't want to judge people i don't know and forgiveness is important but Rihanna/Chris Brown stuff - it's too much. Boundaries," said one user. "Unbelievably stupid woman Rihanna Unveils Chris Brown Duet 'Nobodies Business," added another. One fan was happy to disregard any further material by the Barbadian star, tweeting, "Rihanna's songs are just becoming stupid and pointless after she made that 'Birthday Cake' song with Chris Brown."

Despite what her fans think, Rihanna has maintained a close relationship with her ex-boyfriend in recent months, with some reports suggesting they're back together. Brown attended her Halloween party last week, dressed as a member of the Taliban.