The people of Dublin, Ireland have given Rihanna a billboard makeover - by covering her up in ads promoting an upcoming concert at the city's Aviva Stadium.

The saucy images from Rihanna's latest album cover, which feature her topless, appear to have upset the decent folk of Dublin, who have taken to the streets and pasted material over her exposed top half.

But the makeover is not some slap-dash protest - the locals have cut the material so that it looks like Rihanna is wearing a series of crop-tops, with her mid-riff still on view. Strapless dresses have also been stapled to one billboard to cover the star's barely covered boobs.

It's not the first time Rihanna has upset the Irish with her body - she was criticised when she stripped off in a field in Bangor, Northern Ireland in 2011 as part of the video shoot for her We Found Love promo. A local God-fearing farmer, whose land was used for the filming, insisted that the R&B beauty cover her breasts, calling her actions "inappropriate".