Rihanna has signed on to feature in a new reality fashion show in the US, after featuring in the UK series over the summer. Entitled Styled to Rock, the Style Network show will feature 12 young designers handpicked by Rihanna and tasked with the challenge of designing outfits for various celebrity guests, Reuters reports.

In a statement, the 24 year-old Barbadian said “fashion has always played an integral part in my life and career. I am so excited to partner with Style Network and share my creative insight with these 12 designers and give them this opportunity to showcase their work.” Rhi-Rhi will also be the show’s executive producer, working under her name Robyn Rihanna Fenty. So far, neither the designers nor the featured celebrities have ben announced, so fans of pop and fashion will just have to hang on to find out what’s in store for them. The guests will play a role in deciding which of the eager contestants gets to stay in the programme until the following week.

The singer recently released her album Unapologetic, which was launched with her ambitious ‘777’ tour, a tour of seven concerts in seven cities, in seven different countries across seven days. She decided to take a plane full of journalists on tour with her. Sadly, the 777 plane’s inhabitants got so bored of Rihanna refusing to party with them that their onboard antics (including streaking) became a bigger story than the star herself. 

Here's Rihanna in the UK version of the show