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Scott: 'I'm Not Making Wine'

7th October 2008

Moviemaker RIDLEY SCOTT is refusing to become the latest celebrity vintner, despite the fact he now owns a vineyard on his French estate. The British director owns a great grape plot of land in Provence,...

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Scott Penned Medieval Musical For The Bee Gees

6th October 2008

GLADIATOR director RIDLEY SCOTT almost got his big break as a filmmaker from the BEE GEES. The Brit was working on a medieval romp, which was to star the three Gibb brothers, but financial issues...

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Crowe's Doubts Over Weighty Role

3rd October 2008

Actor RUSSELL CROWE wants to avoid roles where he has to put on weight - after piling on the pounds for RIDLEY SCOTT's upcoming movie BODY OF LIES. The star plays a CIA boss in...

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The Things They Say 9671

29th September 2008

"He asked me to do BLACK HAWK DOWN but I had just done a movie where there was a helicopter in the background (Proof of Life) and I wasn't interested. Then he wanted me to...

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Production Stalled 'Indefinitely' On Robin Hood Film

28th July 2008

Sir Ridley Scott's new Robin Hood film may take years to reach the screen after production was halted indefinitely.Nottingham, the revisionist story of the outlaw had been due to begin filming in mid-August but now...

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Sienna Miller To Play Maid Marian In Robin Hood Remake

18th June 2008

Sienna Miller has revealed that she is to play Maid Marian in Sir Ridley Scott's upcoming Robin Hood film.The Stardust actress will star alongside Russell Crowe in the film, likely to be entitled Nottingham, she...

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Ridley Scott And Casey Affleck To Collaborate On Kind One

17th April 2008

Ridley Scott has been snapped up to direct upcoming literary adaptation The Kind One, reports claim.According to Variety, the Gladiator helmer has signed to adapt Tom Epperson's recently-published debut novel of the same name, with...

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Scott Planning To Make Reagan Movie

26th February 2008

Director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT is making a new movie about late U.S. president RONALD REAGAN's dealings with former Soviet leader MIKHAIL GORBACHEV. The as-yet-untitled film will reportedly focus on the pair's famous 1986 summit conference...

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Sir Ridley Scott Announces Reagan And Gorbachev Film

26th February 2008

Sir Ridley Scott has announced that he will make a film about the former US president Ronald Reagan and ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.The film will focus on the 1968 arms control summit that took place...

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Universal Pictures And Hasbro Agree Six-year Partnership

21st February 2008

Universal Studios has confirmed a six-year partnership with toy manufacturer Hasbro to produce at least four films based on their properties.Popular entertainment items such as Monopoly, Clue, Ouija and even Stretch Armstrong could receive big...

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Ridley Scott And Russell Crowe To Shoot Robin Hood Movie

12th February 2008

Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe are to continue their working relationship with a Robin Hood film, the director has confirmed.The pair have collaborated on five occasions, most recently on American Gangster, while Crowe's turn as...

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Atonement, Gervais Win Globes

14th January 2008

Keira Knightley's Atonement and comedian Ricky Gervais' television show Extras were honoured at last night's Golden Globe ceremony in Hollywood. Instead of the traditional star-studded event, the honours for the year's best in film and...

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Golden Globes Countdown Begins

13th January 2008

The final wait to find out which actors and actresses will fail to pick up their gongs for this year's Golden Globes awards is underway.Instead of the usual star-studded ceremony the Hollywood Foreign Press Association...

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The Things They Say 6499

12th December 2007

"Ridley's the genius. I'm just the bloke who does the funny voices." RUSSELL CROWE dismisses his acting talents and insists director pal SIR RIDLEY SCOTT serves up the skills in new film AMERICAN GANGSTER.

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Scott To Shoot Gucci Movie

6th December 2007

Director RIDLEY SCOTT is planning a new movie about legendary fashion house Gucci. The film will be a biopic of the Gucci dynasty, and its rise and near fall in the 1970s and 80s. It...

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The Things They Say 6382

4th December 2007

"Who knows - by the end of this next project we might be so tired of each other that we never want to see each other again." RUSSELL CROWE threatens to cut ties with SIR...

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The Things They Say 6248

22nd November 2007

"I knew he'd play it like a big tuna, but I also knew DENZEL had nothing better in front of him." Director RIDLEY SCOTT knew DENZEL WASHINGTON wouldn't turn down a starring role in his...

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American Gangster Wrestles Beowulf To Top U.k. Charts

20th November 2007

Director RIDLEY SCOTT's AMERICAN GANGSTER has forced its way to the top of the U.K. box office - taking $5 million (GBP2.5 million) in its opening weekend (16-18Nov07). The real-life crime drama - which stars...

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Gangster Slays UK Box Office

20th November 2007

Sir Ridley Scott's new Oscar-hopeful American Gangster has shot to the top of the UK and Ireland box office after its opening weekend.The crime epic, starring Academy award-winners Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, took 2.5...

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Beowulf Conquers Us Box Office

19th November 2007

Animated film Beowulf has conquered the US box office this week, displacing Bee Movie at the top of the charts.The action picture, which is based on an English poem about a hero's battle with evil...

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Crowe Tips Scott For Oscar

15th November 2007

RUSSELL CROWE has tipped director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT to scoop an Academy Award for his new movie AMERICAN GANGSTER. Crowe, who stars alongside Denzel Washington in the crime thriller, is sure this is the film...

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Gangster Kills At Us Box Office

5th November 2007

Ridley Scott's new film America Gangster has stormed to the top of the US box office after its first three days on release.The Universal Studios crime thriller - starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington -...

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Crowe: 'Scott Epic Will Be True To History'

29th October 2007

Oscar-winner RUSSELL CROWE can't wait to star in RIDLEY SCOTT's forthcoming ROBIN HOOD epic, as he's been a fan of the tales since childhood. And the Gladiator star - who will play the Sheriff Of...

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Crowe 'Too Fat' For Movie Role

29th October 2007

RIDLEY SCOTT ordered RUSSELL CROWE to lose weight for their new movie collaboration - because the actor was too fat for his part. The 43-year-old plays C.I.A. boss Ed Hoffman alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in...

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Scott: 'I Should Have Made Last Alien Film'

19th October 2007

British director RIDLEY SCOTT has blasted film bosses of the ALIEN franchise for not allowing him to direct 2004's ALIEN VS PREDATOR. The 69-year-old filmmaker, who took charge of the first of the movies but...

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Scott Amazed When Ford Dressed As Indiana Jones For Meeting

1st October 2007

Filmmaker RIDLEY SCOTT will never forget the first time he met HARRISON FORD - because the actor arrived to discuss starring in movie BLADE RUNNER dressed as his swashbuckling character INDIANA JONES. Scott was certain...

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Jay-z Dedicates Album To Ridley Scott

20th September 2007

Rapper JAY-Z was so inspired by RIDLEY SCOTT's upcoming movie AMERICAN GANGSTER, he has dedicated his next album to the director. The hip-hop star even stole the name of the film - which stars Denzel...

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Scott Calls On Hollywood To Pick Art Over Money

3rd September 2007

SIR RIDLEY SCOTT has urged Hollywood studios to stop making films for financial reasons. The 69-year-old director fears too many poor films have been given the green light because studios know they will sell-out movie...

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Scott: 'Technology Is Killing Film'

3rd September 2007

Hollywood director SIR RIDLEY SCOTT fears the internet and new technology is killing the cinema experience. The Oscar winner claims film fans have little incentive to go to the cinema now they can watch movies...

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Sir Ridley Scott: 'Sci-fi Is Dead'

30th August 2007

Film maker SIR RIDLEY SCOTT has proclaimed the science fiction genre dead. The British Blade Runner director claims the likes of Independence Day, The War Of The Worlds and The Matrix movies are pale in...

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