Alongside Michael Green, Bryan Fuller has managed to bring Neil Gaiman's world of 'American Gods' to the small screen, with British actor Ricky Whittle taking the leading role of Shadow Moon, alongside the brilliant Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday.

Bryan Fuller serves as showrunner on 'American Gods' alongside Michael GreenBryan Fuller serves as showrunner on 'American Gods' alongside Michael Green

The much-loved story is a complicated one, and so through its first season, the showrunners decided to use much of their time introducing new faces, showcasing their individual powers and abilities and proving to viewers that just because the fantastical world of 'American Gods' seemed impossible to bring to life from the pages of the book, they'd have a good time trying.

Successful on most counts, the series' first season saw rave reviews, with the old and new gods introduced to viewers in an immersive and strangely relatable world. Now, with all of those foundations laid, there's room to manoeuvre moving forward for the characters, which Fuller says is something we'll see in season 2.

Speaking with Nerdist, Fuller said of how the series will progress through its second season: "The second season has so much more energy and drive than the first season, because we spent eight episodes trying to establish a vocabulary, not only for the audience, but for Shadow Moon to understand the world that he’s been plunged into. We ended that season with an awareness that gives us the opportunity to go further and dig deeper for these character stories now that everybody’s on the same page."

Audiences found themselves learning about the world of 'American Gods' at the same pace as Shadow Moon, and now that they and he are fully acclimated, they'll be able to reach new heights.

Those who have read Gaiman's novel will quickly be understanding how the characters in the show have different roles to play at times, with expansions for some and even the addition of some new faces. Released back in 2001, the modernisation of the TV show was something that had to happen so that it could resonate with modern-day audiences.

Whichever direction the show takes in the future, we can be sure it's going to be an exhilarating and exciting ride. We may not know what's going to happen from one minute to the next, but it's certainly going to be fun to sit tight and find out.

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'American Gods' season 1 is available now on Amazon Prime Video, with season 2 set to arrive at some point in 2018.