Ricky Martin would ''give his life'' to the woman who gave birth to his twins.

the 40-year-old singer is a father to three-year-old Matteo and VALENTINO and says he will forever be grateful to the unnamed surrogate who carried the children.

He said: ''I did not rent a womb. That expression is used by fundamentalists. They loaned me an abdomen.

''I would give my life for the woman who helped me bring my sons into this world.''

Ricky is openly gay and in a relationship with Carlos González Abella but admits he has ''fallen in love'' with women in the past and doesn't regret any of his experiences.

He told Spain's Vanity Fair magazine: ''I've slept with women and I've fallen in love with them and I've felt wonderful things. There was love, passion. I don't regret anything, any of the relationships I've lived, they taught me a lot, both men and women equally.''

The 'Livin' La Vida Loca' hitmaker also admitted he would happily marry Carlos if laws in Spain changed.

He said: ''If they touch the law, now as a Spanish citizen, I would stand up and unite with my community.''