Gay singer Ricky Martin is adamant he was not playing games when he romanced Mexican TV host REBECCA DE ALBA - insisting he really loved her.
The hitmaker 'came out' in March (10) and is now revealing all the secrets he kept from fans, friends and family for years in a new memoir, entitled Me.
But he doesn't want his one-time girlfriend De Alba to think he wasn't serious about their relationship.
Martin tells Access Hollywood, "I am not the only gay man... that dated women. I am not the only gay man that felt beautiful things for a woman. I was in a very steady, a very beautiful relationship with this TV host and I felt in love.
"I felt comfortable, I felt sexually attracted to her. A lot of people could think, 'Yeah, maybe he was trying to prove himself something (sic),' - maybe, but in the meantime I was feeling very beautiful things for her."
But in a candid interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired in America on Tuesday (02Nov10), Martin declared, "I am not bisexual."
He has since revealed he is in a serious relationship with a man and is considering a civil partnership.