British comedian Ricky Gervais has snubbed numerous offers to research his family tree for hit genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are? - because he's convinced he'll discover a devastating secret about his ancestors.
The funnyman admits the idea of celebrities getting emotional over dark family revelations annoys him.
He says, "I was invited to do it (the show) a few times... in England and it turns out to be someone on there who suddenly finds out their great, great grandmother was a prostitute or something and they start crying. What you crying for? You didn't know her! Who cares?!
"It could be (bad), that's the problem. My friend Karl Pilkington... says he'll never do it because if you have an Einstein in the family, everyone will be talking about it, so you're gonna find out your great, great grandfather was a murderer or a rapist or something, so just don't go there! It's probably bad!"