British comedian Ricky Gervais is baffled by paparazzi photographers who pursue him, because he insists his private life is too boring to feature in the gossip columns. The OFFICE star is happily settled with his partner of 20 years JANE FALLON and doesn't have a drink or drug problem, unlike other celebrities. But despite his claims of living a normal life, Gervais is still followed by photographers. He says, "I just don't understand it. I think, 'You must have enough pictures of me.' "You're not going to catch me coming out of (London nightclub) Chinawhite, coked up with a tart, because it doesn't happen. "I don't do drugs, I haven't got a gambling problem, you're not going to find me doing drugs at the wheel, there's no story there. "I was jogging with my iPod on and I was papped and the headline was 'iPodge'. Is that the worst that they can come up with?"