The Jessie's Girl singer made his debut as therapist Dr. Pitlor on Sunday night's (28Jun15) episode of True Detective in America, and he insists his new look is all him.

Refusing to wear a wig, Springfield cut his hair off and now he's selling it for charity.

He tells People magazine, "Before the show’s hairstylist clipped off five or six inches of my hair she said to me, ‘You know someone could make a lot of money from these clippings...' After laughing that off, I thought perhaps we could raise some money for a worthy cause."

So, the rock star has teamed up with longtime friend Linda Blair and her charity Worldheart Foundation, which helps homeless dogs in need, and he's selling his hair in autographed containers online for $750 (GBP500) a pop.

He has extended the sale to include memorabilia including a signed electric Fender Squier Stratocaster guitar and lyric sheets from his hit Jessie’s Girl.

The items are up for grabs on until 31 July (15).