A New York jury has ruled that singer Rick Springfield did not injure a woman during a performance at the New York State Fair over a decade ago. It took the New York state supreme court jury just over an hour to reach its verdict on Friday, after which the singer said he was “incredibly relieved.”

Rick SpringfieldSpringfield was "relieved" the trial was over.

The suit had been brought by 45-year-old Vicki Calcagno, from Liverpool, who alleged she had suffered serious injuries when Springfield fell on her during a 2004 concert. Calcagno had specifically said that Springfield’s buttocks had injured her, hitting her head and causing lasting damage.

Calcagno first sued Springfield in 2007 and there had been an earlier mistrial in 2013. John Pfeifer, the lawyer for Mr Springfield had said in his closing arguments that there were no witnesses, photos or video to support Calcagno’s claim.

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According to the Syracuse New York News, a video from the concert taken by fan Michelle Tellier had showed Springfield stumbling at one point during the concert, but did not show the alleged fall. Calcagno’s claims were then further called into question when it was revealed she had attended a Cyndi Lauper concert just one week after seeing Springfield.

The newspaper also reports that Calcagno, whose attorney said she suffers from seizures, left the courtroom on a stretcher and was taken away by ambulance.

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Outside the courtroom Springfield said he was “incredibly relieved.” Adding,"Results like this are positive for everybody. There's too many lawsuits in this country.”

The singer went on to describe the process as being "pretty unbelievable.” Saying, “We could have settled very easily. But I will not do that, especially when I know I'm in the right. It sets a bad precedent."