Did Trick Trick's Alleged Angry Mob Force Rick Ross To Cancel His Detroit Concert?

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Rick Ross AKA William Leonard Roberts II was allegedly forced to cancel his concert in Detroit over the weekend because his security feared for his safety.

Rick ROss
Rick Ross has responded to the claims made by a detroit DJ.

The rapper was set to headline the Hot 107.5 Summer Jamz concert at Chene Park on Saturday (21st June) but was prevented from appearing when an angry mob gathered outside the backstage area, according to numerous reports. 

Chene Park, where Ross was due to appear, issued a statement in which they announced a local DJ had informed the concert organisers Ross would be not be making an appearance. The statement reads: "Miami-based rapper Rick Ross would not be performing - as a result a band of individuals lead by a local rapper who prevented and threatened to harm Ross if he entered the grounds to perform at Chene Park Amphitheatre."

The local DJ, Jay Hicks, appeared on stage to apologise to the gathered audience. He explained how Ross was "met by 100 individuals outside," adding "We have tried to pull every resource together and ask him to come back. He is in fear of his life." Hicks further confirmed Ross would not be performing and bizarrely claimed "he may never come back to Detroit."  

Trick Trick
Trick Trick allegedly organised the mob.

The human blockade was, according to MLive.com, led by a rival rapper Trick Trick AKA Christian Mathis. Trick Trick's manager confirmed his involvement in the reported blockade via email to the website and requested fans search for the reason in one of Trick Trick's songs 'No Fly Zone'. The lyrics suggest Trick Trick considers Detroit his "fortress" and a place where he has created the laws. As the Huffington Post reports, rappers from other cities are encouraged to check in with Trick Trick before they perform. Trick Trick, in his track further suggests the punishment for breaking such laws and informing on him would be "leaving your kids to be orphans." 


38-year-old Ross has responded to the claims suggesting he was prevented from appearing on stage. He claims he was denied access to the venue but not because of an angry mob. According to TMZ, Ross went to the concert but found the gates locked. Ross apologised to his fans who missed out on his performance but he emphasised the reports about the rival fan mob are entirely false. He said "Somebody is deceiving the people of Detroit like Kwame Kilpatrick did."

However, in his statement Ross claims there was no gathered mob. This does not collaborate with his tweet shortly after the incident occurred. Ross joked that he believed the crowd was "a peace protest". 

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