Rapper Rick Ross has vowed to continue his war of words with 50 Cent - because the rivalry has helped him produce the "best music" of his career.
The Hustlin' star has been embroiled in a lyrical battle with 50 Cent for months and the attacks continue to escalate and become more personal every day - with both rappers taking aim at each other's family members and former lovers.
50 Cent has also poked fun at his rival's previous career as a correctional officer - but Ross insists he will never step down and shy away from the controversy.
And he credits the challenge with giving him the ammunition to come up with "legendary" rhymes.
He tells XXL magazine, "50 Cent is very cunning, and I'll give him that... I have no agenda to end his career. His music is doing that.
"I'm still here today. After all of the mockeries, after all the extra fabrications, my armour isn't dented. I'm making the best music of my career. I feel like y'all watching the making of a legend... I feel ever great legend has an arch nemesis. I think every great legend has his trials and tribulations. And I think everyone should appreciate this moment. All I could do at this point is smile."