Rick Ross' legal battle with former crime king RICKY ROSS is far from over - the rapper's namesake is heading back to court to challenge the dismissal of his multi-million dollar lawsuit against the star.
The former cocaine trafficker, who became infamous for running a drug empire in Los Angeles in the 1980s, filed suit against the rapper alleging he infringed a trademark by changing his name from William Leonard Roberts II to Rick Ross.
The suit was dismissed last month (Nov10) after a judge at California's U.S. District Court ruled that Ricky Ross' illegal activity made it impossible to determine if he had "valid trademark for his name".
But the former convict is determined not to let the matter rest - he's reigniting the legal battle by appealing the decision and dragging the rapper and his bosses at the Def Jam music label back to court.
Ricky Ross tells XXL magazine, "They made enough money off my name. Anybody with enough decency and respect for the game would have thrown me something. Rick Ross and Def Jam have all been eating off my brand. I feel it's time they stop and I won't stop until they do. I already filed my appeal. They tried to wear out my lawyers with money and they feel they can do whatever they want to do. It's like going against a giant but I was a little guy all my life and I am ready for this."
But rapper Ross remains confident of victory, telling the publication, "We (are) gon' (going to) let everything take its course. It's gonna be a beautiful thing real soon."