There's never been much room for humility in the world of hip-hop. When you're Rick Ross and you have managed to land guests spots from Jay Z and Dr Dre on your latest single, you can pretty much forget about being humble. Ross is pleased as punch with the track '3 Kings' (note suitably self-aggrandising title) and reckons it might just be the biggest thing to happen to hip-hop in a long time. Forever, in fact. "I feel it's the biggest collaboration in hip-hop. Not just this year, maybe previous years."
Ross told MTV News how he managed to bag two of hip-hop's biggest heavyweights and get them to guest on the same track. "I got on the phone with Dre and we just talkin' about collaborating and he was gonna come down to Miami for the first time to record with me in my element, in my zone." They managed to get five records down in one night, according to Ross and the path to getting Jay Z on the record was equally smooth. "Jay Z, that's my big homey man and from day one anything I've ever asked O.G. for he always came through for me, so it's vice-versa. He got a gangsta right here for life"
Rick Ross had already worked with Jay Z recently but says he was confident that he could call him in for another studio session, without pushing his luck "I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only people that could've called for another verse, before I put out the other record and get it done. I called him and let him know, 'Man it's the one'. We cooked up a masterpiece. This is a big joint right here." Fighting talk, indeed.