Pawn Stars UK Episode 1 'Pawning Your Lordship' On History On 26 August 2013

Pawn Stars UK Episode 1 'Pawning Your Lordship' On History On 26 August 2013

Putting a distinctly British spin on HISTORY's massive hit series, brand new series Pawn Stars UK follows 'Big' Mark Manning and his team of experts at Regal Pawn in Chester as they haggle with customers for amazing historically significant items.

Running the shop alongside daughter Vicki, best mate 'Little' Mark, his son Marco and historical expert Simon, 'Big' Mark's pawn business really is a family affair. Buying and selling quirky and unusual artefacts every day in an area so rich in history and culture, there's no shortage of fascinating items walking through the door. The only question is whether or not they can come to a deal with the sellers...

In the opening episode, Big Mark's mate and fellow pawnbroker, Rick Harrison, flies in from the original Pawn Stars shop in Las Vegas to experience pawn life in the British fast lane. Despite being keen to show their friend the historical sites of the country, Big Mark and Little Mark get sidetracked when they're offered a test drive in a military tank originally used in the Battle of the Somme. Will the guys be able to fight the owner down to take the boys' toy off his hands?

Meanwhile, taking charge of the shop in the Marks' absence, Rick receives an offer he can't refuse: the chance to become a British landowner and Lord! Excited by the prospect of becoming 'Lord Harrison', Rick doesn't waste any time haggling the original offer down. Simon also comes across a prize find when he falls in love with a Bedford Dormobile brought in by a seller. First made in 1957, the quintessentially British campervan seems too good to miss, but will they be able to negotiate a price for the much-loved, unique vehicle?

Find out in the first episode of Pawn Stars UK, kicking off on Monday 26 August at 9pm, only on HISTORY.