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Pryor's Wife Pays Tribute

14th December 2005

RICHARD PRYOR's widow JENNIFER LEE PRYOR has paid tribute to her late husband, admitting he could be "an angel and a demon". The comedian died of a heart attack on Saturday (10DEC05) after years...

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Pryor's Widow Plans Huge Benefit

13th December 2005

RICHARD PRYOR's widow JENNIFER has announced plans to hold a huge benefit memorial for the late comedian next month (JAN06). The legendary funnyman died of a heart attack on Saturday (10DEC05), nine days after...

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Fascinating Fact 659

13th December 2005

"You can be sure that God's having a good laugh tonight." WHOOPI GOLDBERG pays tribute to late comedian RICHARD PRYOR....

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The Things They Say 840

12th December 2005

"He was a sweet, nice man, unlike the character he played when he performed." BILL COSBY on late comedian RICHARD PRYOR....

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Stars Laugh About Pryor's Death At Tribute Night

12th December 2005

Late funnyman RICHARD PRYOR was sent off with a few laughs last night (11DEC05) when stars including CHRIS ROCK, DAMON WAYANS and EDDIE MURPHY joined a comedy tribute to the comedian. The stars came...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Richard Pryor

12th December 2005

A host of stars have paid tribute to late comedian RICHARD PRYOR, who died on Saturday (10DEC05) aged 65. The funnyman lost his battle with multiple-sclerosis, a disease which robbed him of his ability...

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Comedy Great Richard Pryor Dead

11th December 2005

Comedy legend RICHARD PRYOR has died of a heart attack yesterday (10DEC05), nine days after celebrating his 65th birthday. The funnyman's wife, JENNIFER, has confirmed his passing, revealing she tried to resuscitate him at...

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Quincy Jones Urges Rappers To Drop The 'N' Word

8th November 2005

Legendary music mogul QUINCY JONES is urging rappers to stop using the word "n**ger" because it offends him when he hears white kids using it. Jones suggests rappers should take a trip to Africa...

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Steve Martin's Comedy Career Honoured

24th October 2005

American actor STEVE MARTIN was awarded the Mark Twain Prize For American Humour at Washington DC's Kennedy Center Concert Hall yesterday (23OCT05). A galaxy of stars including TOM HANKS, PAUL SIMON, ERIC IDLE, DIANE...

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Richard Pryor Sues Record Label

15th October 2005

Ailing comedian RICHARD PRYOR has slapped Universal Music Group with a lawsuit, accusing the record label of marketing and selling 11 of his recordings without a licence. Pryor's suit, filed Wednesday (12OCT05), in Los...

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Prinze Jr Bans Young Fans From Sitcom Set

6th October 2005

Actor FREDDIE PRINZE JR has had to ban young female fans from the set of his new sitcom FREDDIE - because they hiss at his co-star BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN whenever their characters have a row....

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Wife Is Behind Pryor Lawsuit, Claims Daughter

4th August 2005

RICHARD PRYOR's daughter RAIN is blaming her father's wife JENNIFER LEE PRYOR for the lawsuit against her and movie-maker PENELOPE SPHEERIS. The ailing comedian, who has been crippled by multiple sclerosis, reportedly claims that...

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Carrey Praises Pryor's Bravery

3rd June 2005

Funnyman JIM CARREY has praised veteran funnyman RICHARD PRYOR for breaking down breaking down barriers with his controversial comedy routines in the 1970s. The TRUMAN SHOW star has also hailed the 64-year-old Pryor, who...

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Epps Made Pryor Laugh

29th May 2005

ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS star MIKE EPPS knew he was the right man to play RICHARD PRYOR in a planned biopic after he made the ailing comic laugh. Crippling disease multiple sclerosis has confined...

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Pryor Upset By Death Calls

27th May 2005

The wife of ailing comedian RICHARD PRYOR is begging journalists to stop calling their home asking if the funnyman has died. Multiple sclerosis has left Pryor virtually immobile, but his wife JENNIFER insists he's...

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Epps Won Pryor Role By Turning Down The Comic's Wife

25th May 2005

Comedian MIKE EPPS is convinced he landed the dream role of RICHARD PRYOR in a new biopic by snubbing the chance to star in a documentary about the comic legend. The ALL ABOUT THE...

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Epps To Play Pryor In Biopic

17th May 2005

RICHARD PRYOR has handpicked comedian MIKE EPPS to portray him in an upcoming movie about the legendary funnyman's life. Pryor and his wife JENNIFER LEE PRYOR will produce the film, which they both hope...

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Pryor's Ms Improves Relationship With Loved Ones

5th May 2005

Ailing comedian RICHARD PRYOR now enjoys a better level of communication with his family - even though he can no longer speak. The legendary funnyman, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, now has to resort...

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Pryor Amazed He Is Still Alive

27th April 2005

Veteran comedian RICHARD PRYOR is amazed he survived years of excessive drug abuse and an attempt to take his own life. The 64-year-old funnyman is currently battling multiple sclerosis, which recently robbed him of...

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Pryor Thankful For Multiple Sclerosis

27th April 2005

Comedian RICHARD PRYOR claims multiple sclerosis has had a positive effect on his life, because it ended a downward spiral further into drug addiction. The 64-year-old was diagnosed with the debilitating disease in 1986...

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Daughter Tells All About Growing Up With Pryor

29th March 2005

RICHARD PRYOR's daughter is starring in a stage show detailing what is was like growing up with the veteran comedian amid drug abuse and a parade of prostitutes. FRIED CHICKEN AND LATKES (corr) is...

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Peter Cook Voted Best Comedian

3rd January 2005

Late legendary comic PETER COOK has been crowned the world's greatest comedian by fellow humourists in Britain and America. The late stand-up star is best known for his partnership with DUDLEY MOORE in the...

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Pryor Loses Voice

30th December 2004

Multiple sclerosis has robbed tragic comedian RICHARD PRYOR of his voice. The funnyman has been suffering the debilitating disease since 1986, but was forced to quit acting after appearing in 1997 movie LOST HIGHWAY....

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Pryor Battles Violent Ghosts

3rd November 2004

Ailing funnyman RICHARD PRYOR constantly moves house to escape cruel ghosts which mock his deteriorating health. The comedian, his wife JENNIFER LEE and his carers are particularly troubled by the mysterious footsteps which come...

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Pryor Fights For Dog Justice

22nd October 2004

Ailing funnyman RICHARD PRYOR has launched a new campaign to hunt down a person who drowned a dog. The comedian, who is battling multiple sclerosis, is determined not to let his disability stand in...

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Pryor And Perry Offer Reward For Dog-drowning Arrest

11th October 2004

Comedian RICHARD PRYOR and actor MATTHEW PERRY are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the drowning of a dog. The golden retriever, which police said had...

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Richard Pryor's Daughter Attacks Stepmother

21st July 2004

RICHARD PRYOR's daughter RAIN has slammed her stepmother, JENNIFER LEE PRYOR - accusing her of failing to adequately care for the ailing comedian. Rain says her father, who has suffered from multiple sclerosis since...

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Griffin Takes On Pryor

9th July 2004

Funnyman EDDIE GRIFFIN is bringing ailing RICHARD PRYOR back to the big screen in a new movie inspired by the comedy legend. Griffin will play a character based on Pryor in new movie, PRYOR...

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Davis And Bruce Changed Pryor's Life

21st May 2004

Veteran comic RICHARD PRYOR's life was dramatically changed by iconic satirist LENNY BRUCE and jazz musician MILES DAVIS. The LOST HIGHWAY star compares his devotion to Davis' album BITCHES BREW to his cocaine addiction...

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Pryor: I Owe It All To Lenny Bruce

21st May 2004

Comedic actor RICHARD PRYOR owes his success to underground stand-up hero LENNY BRUCE - because listening to the funnyman "changed his life". The BREWSTER'S MILLIONS star, 63, forged a Hollywood career after a successful...

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