Richard Marquand's son has backed a fan campaign to have a new movie sound stage in the film-maker's hometown named in his honour.

The Welsh director, best known for helming 1983 sci-fi classic Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, passed away in 1987, and fans want to honour his memory by having a wing of the new Pinewood Studios in Cardiff, Wales named after him.

A petition has been set up on, and the drive has now won the backing of Marquand's director son James.

He tells, "What makes it particularly appropriate, other than the fact that dad was a Llanishen (Welsh) boy through and through, is the fact that part of Return of the Jedi was shot at Pinewood in Buckinghamshire. So, to have a place as prestigious as that in the world of movie-making set up shop right on his doorstep will be fabulous."

The Welsh branch of the fabled Pinewood studios in Buckinghamshire, England is due to open in Cardiff later this year (14).

Marquand died aged 49 after suffering a stroke.