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5 Flights Up Trailer

Ruth (Dianne Keaton) & Alex (Morgan Freeman) moved to Brooklyn back before it was cool. The two live on the fifth floor of an apartment with their dog, content to live their retirement with one another and painting. But with them both so old, the five flights of steps are becoming a problem for them to manage. As they go through the motions of trying to sell their apartment, they come face to face with new couples and younger people looking to move to the area, learning more about love and life in the process. 

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Madsen Surprised Ford With Screen Kiss

Virginia Madsen Harrison Ford Richard Loncraine

SIDEWAYS star Virginia Madsen was so desperate to kiss Harrison Ford in new movie FIREWALL she locked lips with the aging movie star on the first day of filming.

The actress was handpicked by Ford to play his wife in the thriller and wasted no time in letting him know how grateful she was - and just how much she liked the INDIANA JONES star.

She recalls, "I kind of snuck the kiss in there; he didn't know that I was gonna do it. It was my first day on the set. I thought I'd just go for it."

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Dunst And Bettany Almost Give Coach Cash A 'Heart Attack'

Wimbledon Kirsten Dunst Paul Bettany Pat Cash John McEnroe Richard Loncraine

Wimbledon co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany were so bad at tennis when they started work on the new movie, their coach Pat Cash almost had a "heart attack".

Cash - who won the 1987 WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIP - had a matter of weeks to teach the stars how to realistically play sporting champions for the film, and he's still recovering from the shock.

He explains, "The idea was that I'd give a couple of weeks' coaching, but when I met the actors, then heard that the first shoot was six weeks later, I nearly had a heart attack.

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Dunst Infuriates Loncraine

Kirsten Dunst Richard Loncraine Wimbledon

Blonde beauty Kirsten Dunst infuriated director Richard Loncraine by forcing him to film innumerable takes during the shooting of his new film Wimbledon.

The 22-year-old plays a tennis legend in the romantic comedy but - despite coaching from tennis icon PAT CASH - her appalling athletic skills have prolonged simple scenes and seriously delayed the filming schedule.

The star confesses, "It's hard to have confidence and flirt and feel sexy when you've just served and made an a** of yourself in front of the whole crew. I swear my ground strokes are good, but my serve. As long as we do it without the ball, I'm fine."

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Richard Loncraine

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